Monday, July 8, 2013

Circles of Glory

Operation go chill out and ride a bike was a huge success. 
I have been looking forward to the time that this family finally got to go and live out of our camper. 
It has been a juggle to get all things ready to go....
It started with the Demise of the Envoy,, too many issues all at once and on such a big 
rig. Lucky for me I was able to sell it to someone who had the time and knowledge of what needed to be done. 
With this all in the rear view I was able to purchase and tweak this kick ass Pearly White Rav4.
Getting the right hookups and rack system took some doing but with the help 
of Hwood I got the Buggie all ready to Fly,,,

We got to base camp on Thursday the forth and only two miles away from the Mountain Mecca of the Midwest... Levis Mound....
Getting the family all loaded in and ready to ride after setting up camp was a Go.. 
This was going to be the first all family ride of the season. 
Things that I learned... James the Rocket needs new shoes as he has grown out of his Northwaves,, and let me know that almost every mile and a half. 
Two,,, when your daughter picks the trail to show off to her mom who is riding MTB's for the first time for realz in some 10+ years. 
And Three getting the whole fam dam out to ride in the woods is the best thing that a man in my stage in life can do..  Even with  a few bumps in the trail we all had a blast and kicked
some ass.

Friday some some more riding and new trails for the newcommers and again yes the Rockets shoes were too small but we all were riding and having fun,,, until the boy on a mellow bridge rode his back wheel off and went down.. 
The Rock hit the ground and when I got him untangled he complained about his arm..
About three hours went by and Momma ended up taking him to get an X ray which showed nothing but as we have now learned it could be a few days before a break shows. 
While that was all going down me and the Pip headed back to Levis for some afternoon riding with the Woods.. And it was good.

We killed a great dinner and ravaged some more beers as we sat by the fire and started dreaming of more riding the very next day.........
              Saturday we added the Bauer's and their friend Dan..,. For some good old Fashion THC riding.  This time we had a good size group and covered more of the trail system, diving and ducking in and out of the bright hot sun.
  With a quick lunch break we headed back out to ride a few sections that were either missed or that were so much that we had to do them again.
    Saturday for me was going to be a Three-pete of riding,, Hwood and I headed out after dinner hoping to ride in the sunset then in the dark.,..,. Only problem was were good to fast for the darkness to set upon

But we did find some Killer Views and one unreal sunset. 
 Goal of the trip was accomplished..
Not go to work
Not fix broken Apliances
Not sleep in a house
Eat well
Ride with the family
Drink Beer
Sit By a Fire. 
Ride Bikes With Friends
Ride Bikes with Teammates
Kick Ass

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