Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Keeping the lines Blurred between daybreak and Night..... Trying to pile it on while taking it off. The right amount of Volume may make too much noise to hear the hissing. 
Getting to spend some time away is good but more is the answer. 
Last weeks heat spell had me 
working less and spending more time just moving. Active recovery or just
not loosing 10lbs of water weight every time I go to the out of doors. 
The approach of less is more seems to be working and the hope is the second half of the season will 
continue like the first half. 
I am not one in July to start thinking of Cross racing but this season 
I have my eyes set on trying to do more. 
First things first and that is getting another CX bike as mine was 
trashed by getting hit and or hitting a Mini Van back in May. 
I am really not sure what is going to happen with the whole process and fell the game of David and Goliath has started as I am going to have to up against the Mighty State Of Wisco to get my 
just deserts. And in my minds eye,,, with the next President of the USA running this state I don't see them paying out for anything. 
So right now no bike sitting in my stable to race on and that is a huge huge shame. 
Lester  park was almost two weeks ago and I am ready for the Test this weekend that is Afton. 
Lots of climbing and more there after,, and after the misfortune of loosing a grip going in to the finial lap I am ready to prove my worth. 
 This second photo here is a good one,, if you look at my left hand you can see the absence of a grip and bar end,, I even had to stop real quick and grab the ender and then put the grip in my pocket,, again just wasting time.  As Todd took this photo he is yelling at me to go faster,, which I replied "trying to just hang on to the bar"
Todd  not only is a Team Hollywood Cycles {THC*} teammate but takes some great pictures,, with the much on my pasty chest it almost looks like I have puberty and have some hair on there. 
So there it is the Long and Sort of it not sure what it all means or where it will all end up... I do know as I am reminded may times in a day that things are not made as they used to be and 
that as far as I see it it is all about duct tape and Bailing wire. 
 am happy that my Ergon Grips and carbon bar ends are still in one piece and will be on and ready to go this weekend. 

The hamster wheel keeps on turning and my minions always seem to be under foot. 
Be cool people remember it could always be so much worse than it is right now. 
Stop smell the flowers and go with the flow.,.,., Ramblings sure but it is true. 
I leave you with this 

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