Monday, June 30, 2014

Kicked in the Ding Ding

Damn near impossible to take a month off of high end racing and line up of a 1.5+ hour dirt crit short track,,, But I gave it a go and it went.
The boy Races at some god awful time on a sunday morning which meant we would be at the venue all day long,, in the sun and on and off our feet. 
He had a typical JRC race,, he lined up complained about the hills and then 
had fun,, and the fun part is the most important.
I jumped on course while he was riding to see the new sections of trail that had been added and much talked about since the weekly race just last Thursday.
This brings me to my race.
Again the locals race Buck Hill every Thursday and have for years,
this would be my sixth time is seven years and every  year pretty much the same old story.
Hit it hard and fade towards the end.
The lack of racing was going to show its had quite quickly on this hot and windy day.
With all the fast guys on the line something new for me this season was no call up and starting in the second row. At least I was able to line up behind the boss who was Rocking his Carbon Fat bike.
Manderson blew the whistle and we were off. Jay punched it and took the Hole-shot-henderson move and for what ever reason I joined,, 
Sitting on the bosses wheel I followed up through the first climb till Owen came around with Jack and Josh,, and into the single track.. 
Being up front was where I needed to be but I could not recover from the effort to get to this corner of the Pain Cave,,
Buy the time we came out to the ski hill Jesse R and few other had come around. 
Still stilling in a good spot I pressed on first of the three laps went well holding on to the gaps and trying to extend on the short punchy climbs. 
Going up hill was not slowing me down it was the Donkey-Kong like traverses that for what ever reason put sand in my legs. 
Laps four five and six the breaks went on as the lap traffic got to be an issue trying to continue going fast while dodging lapped racers. 
With less than half a lap to go I gave up the tenth spot and was just over it happy to finish in one piece but knowing that much more needed to be done. 
Buck has never been nice to me and Yesterday was not to be any different. 
But I got to see what my legs could do,, and got a really sweet new 
bag out of the whole deal so almost a win win.. 
Two weeks and then off to Duluth.

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