Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rained Out Again

Shut out again,, this time it was not me pulling the plug but the promoters of the race. 
The back story is all week long the Mississippi river valley has been getting pounded with rain,, and lots of it.. Strong severe weather has been blowing through one after an other. 
The forecast had called for a dry Friday and drying out over the weekend with small chances of showers. 
The Series put out a Tweet that a final decision will be made saturday morning after  
the trail was inspected on Friday.
On Friday I rode the monster Cross to work and home through the quarry and on the way home I rode some of the upper sections of HPT. 
Pleasantly surprised I was to see that the trails were drying and my mind was shifting into race mode.
Got back to the house and Brown Santa had brought two boxes to the house
one with new Geax tires and the other a new Deck for the boy to Thrash on. 
Got the tires set and the word from the series was the trail was in great shape and the race was on...
Made some last minute plans to ride up to St Paul with the Girls for the concert that they were going to and the Party was on.
Saturday morning I went for just a quick tempo style of ride and happy with how I felt,, until
pulling into the Garage to find out that the race had been Canceled.
This is the official announcement.
 I understand how frustrating this is for racers and the series given our proclamation last night, but the forecasts have gotten worse and we run the very real risk of running our club out of business if it were to rain and the turn out was low. With past two Red Wing events being wet and the prior event in Mankato being wet, we felt there was a good chance racers would understandably stay home if we got rain tomorrow. 

We apologize for any issues this cancellation may cause. Expect information from us and/or the series for how pre-registered riders will be handled.

At this point I am pretty bummed this means that I have not raced my bike now due to
weather for almost a month.. and I am freaking out and ready
to bend some cranks and feel that pain that can only come from racing.

The Weekend was not a total disaster,,
Did get to have dinner with the Boss last night and the Boy and I rode a new skate park.
Now we do have a race coming up next Sunday,,
One of my least favorites Buck Hill..
Two Hours of driving for a 75 minute race..
But I need to feed that Jones and this will have to be where I start.

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