Monday, June 2, 2014


As far as I can tell I pulled my first ever DNS#
I can't think back to a time where I have been signed up for a race been at the venue and not gone to the line.  But if their was ever going to be a day to do so yesterday was it. 
I love love love the race at Mankato and am super bummed out that it ended up being the race that it was.  Last year I had one of my best races of the season, and was looking forward to another good showing. 
Now all things in context,, this was a busy weekend for racing with a Point to Point in Hayward and State Crit champs in St Paul and then both Minnesota and Wisco having races. 
A ton of folks were up in the north woods for the Epic and in hind sight I wish I would have also,, gone to this one.. My favorite Ginger pulled out a kickass race finishing in sixth just behind Mr Creepyfriendly and in front of the Basco boys.
From all reports the weather was great and the racing was better. 
Hwood and Kwood opted out of MTB racing due to the Road Racing that was being put on
by Podium Wear and they being a title sponsor of the THC team it only made scene for them to race there. 
The only other dry option for racing on Sunday would have been going to 
Cam Rock and racing WoRs, but since I did not pony up to USAC no racing for me,, the Pip could have and maybe even should have but committed to the   MNMBS and to the Team we are. 
So at the Race we were and the field was small and the mud was thick.
During the sport race people were getting pulled out of the course by an ATV,, and meanwhile their was the Marathon event going on,, and Jeff Hall sent from 20 minute laps to 30 to 40+ minute laps.  Last years finish time was under two hours for 5 laps. 
I made the decision and left the bikes in the car up until the last minute when I was going to send the kid out for points and money,,    as I was doing this Jeff had just finished and said " if you don't have to be out there don't go".
Bike back in the car and we became super fans. 
I did catch a lot of flack from the guys lining up all twenty or so of them. 
I just smiled and gave the guys on the line HIGH fives, and told them to have fun. 
I just looked at results and only 10 people did the four cut down laps,, 1 and 2 did it in just under 2 hours and third was 2.5... and again this was a cut down lap from four and a half to maybe three or so. 
Their were racers on course for almost four hours... FOUR HOURS.. That is Fucked Up..
And the destruction to bikes and trail are off the charts.. 
I saw at least 10 snapped rear derailleurs countless flats and mud that would cut through carbon fiber.
All in all I had a blast watching and cheering on the twisted freaks who will spend the next week cleaning their bikes and bellybuttons of clay mud and sand. 
Who will dump dollars upon dollars to get their rigs back in shape. 
Should the race have been called,, I think so but it is not up to me... do I thinks that for all lessons are learned on racing in these conditions?? Maybe...,.
But for sure after what I watched I'll take a DNS over a DNF and  Fuked up bike any day..

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