Sunday, June 8, 2014


Not racing last weekend has me chomping at the bit to line up and and go,,
nothing unit the end of the month which makes two races this year and it just fells weird. 
So in the meantime I have been just over dosing on the MTB.. 
My biggest fear is that I don't have the high end that is needed to keep up with the fast guys but the miles and climbing are on point.
I spend most of my time riding solo due to time and not the biggest fan of the group rides in the area.
I did get out with Jblum yesterday and showed him around the backyard and caught up with all that
is cycling in the area as I am for the most part out of touch doing my own thing. 
Had a blast trying to link up all the dirt in the area as the sky's started to get dark and 
the thunder started to boom..
After cresting the big quarry climb I had to make the decision to turn tail and run before the buckets of rain started to fall. I got in to the garage just as the heavy stuff started to fall,, only make for some minor bike cleaning. 

And that was on the heals of getting caught in the rain coming home from work on friday.
Pop up thunder showers much like those in my old home land of Colorado.
I felt the rain starting as I pedaled out of town and headed to the trails,, beating it and getting under the canopy of trees for the two mile Vista Climb.
Very little rain made it through the trees but what did made for some greasy conditions  causing me to have to pedal a touch easier. 
Popping out on the top my bike wanted to ride more dirt but my brain said get out while you can..
So I did.

Today was nothing but blue skies and SingleTrack, Gravel and a bit of Pavement.
I had nothing but time on my hands and wanted to do the ride that I had planned yesterday.
Thirty Five miles later and 4k+ of climbing I was smiling from ear to ear
and oh so happy that i did not go out on some windy
death march through the hills waiting for flat tire fixes and
regrouping at the top of hills..
Call me an asshole or an elitist or that I have a darkheart,,
No I just want to ride my bike with out any drama..

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