Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ditch Diggers Too Danny

It has been all bikes all the time and aside from racing this guy has been smiling from ear to ear.
Md and the Crew at Velocity twisted my up a new back wheel which showed up
bright and early last week and added to the riding enjoyment. 
I had the best fathers day gift a guy could ask for last friday,, getting off work early and meeting up Woods at Levis Mound
with the
Which by the way was voted one of the best places to ride by some magazine or group of people that i am sure know a lot about something. 
Regardless the weather perfect with low humidity and as long as you kept moving the bugs were not so bad. 
The Pip and Kwood were riding like they were on fire and all Jay and I could do was sit back and watch.  I even got to drink a beer and then have Pip drive home while chilled in the passenger seat.. KickAss.
Still on a Mountain Bike High saturday morning I found my self back out on the LaMere this time heading up to the HPT for nice post breakfast ride..
Trails were in great condition and at times I even felt fast.. The trail crew were up working with machines and I made Planes with Blum to carpool to the SSUSA,,, so I guess that is going to happen. 
Now just need to figure out what bike or bikes I can ride singlespeed up there.
And as you would guess sunday saw more bikes and beer drinking. 
I took the All/City out to see it  I knew how to ride  a Single and with the 42x18 and 44mm tires it kept me honest. 
My wife took me out for wings and beer and then I cooked a kicks ass dinner..and when it was all
over I woke up monday morning like it was some awesome dream.
Now I just need to plow trough to the weekend and I will finally get to race this time
at Red Wing one of my favorites,, Fast Hilly and Fun.. 

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