Thursday, June 12, 2014


I woke up monday morning ready to get back after the Mountain Bike on the way to work.
Nothing starts the week off better than riding singletrack before heading
into the monday morning meeting. 
For what ever reason I had to fight my breakfast and my coffee was not going down as it 
normally should be. 
All this was coming on the heals of a great weekend and week of riding.
Sunday saw 35 miles of dirt and over 4K of climbing.
So as my morning progressed I was dressed and almost ready 
when it hit me like a freight train. 
It took all I could muster just to get out of the super suit and climb into bed. I slept from 7:30 to 1:30 and then just moved to the couch where I just laid low for a few more hours.
Not sure if I had picked up a bug or if my body was just telling me to stop as the candle had been being burned on all sides.
It has been a slow restart to movement trying to get my legs back under me and get back to feeling
as good as I did last week. 
I was able to ride dirt before and after work yesterday which helped but still put me to bed just after 9,, going to be while it is still light outside..
Going to test out the monster truck tires that I put on the cross bike,, this morning, for what ever reason could not get the tires to hold air with all the sealant that i put in them so I will have to run 
tubes,, but regardless they should be a blast on the dirt. 
And if and only if I can pull it off should be going to Levis tomorrow after work to meet the boss and rip some trails.. 

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