Monday, May 26, 2014

Steady Diet Of Nothing

Sitting in front of window waiting for this small shower to pass
getting way to jacked up on coffee. Four day weekends are like 
little gifts sent down from the gods up on Mt Olympus. 
With no racing this weekend I have just been cramming in as much Mountain Bike riding as I can.
Solid miles on dirt with and with out the kid as she floats back and forth between work
and the work of fat tires. 
We spent part of the weekend in the Rockwood over at the camp ground just outside of Levis. 
Camp Fires beer fishing and bike riding,,, Is their a better recipe of things to do when 
their is nothing better to do?
Next week is the race in Manko MN and it is one of my Favorites..
I like to think that my fitness is coming around and this race
will be a good test as it will be the first one that features any climbing, 
Three time a lap bottom to the top of the hill,, by the time it is done just under
4K of climbing. Not bad for life in the Middlewest.
Damn this rain is harshing on my Mellow.
Hope you all have a great time doing what ever it is you do!! 

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