Monday, May 19, 2014

Fast Times

Bike racing is a sure fine way to see where your fitness lies.
Mine may be under a rock somewhere back in April.
All things being the same I have to say that I am happy with the way yesterday shook out.
Unfortunately their are still no concrete results due to some new equipment snafu that
took place but I know that they are shaking out all the bugs to get it righted.

The Curran-mobile showed up to the venue
Total Hwood style after some road closures and some farm machines slowed down the processes of getting there.
I had the Rocket getting kitted up in the back seat of the Rav which was funny enough in its
self as he tried to navigate his bibs and enjoyed the felling of the
 leather seats on his bareass.
With four minutes to spare we got the boy to the line,,, Bike off the roof  number plate on and a
big High-five and it was time.
A four mile lap for the kids and the third time that the boy had been on his new bike,, I was a bit worried but all should be ok Right?
Some Forty minutes later had showed up smiling and
letting me know about all the tricky spots.
Happy to see him cross the line in one piece.

I had some time on my hands between races and got to cheer on some of the other Team Hollywood Cycles racers that were on course for the Sport race.
Semi dressed for fun I hooked up with the Bavers who was testing his legs after
a 5+ hour day at the Almonzo.
We ripped some of the single track figuring out lines and shooting the shit...
The Little Ginger is on fire this season and the sky is the limit.
Lining up it was a free for all and people shoved to the front of the chute.
I took the mellow approach and forced my way to the front,,, no respect..

I had Hwood to the Left of me and the New Kid Mcburnsy to my right.. Due to the nasty
crash that took me out years back they don't send us straight into the single put send us around the ball field and out to the back half of course.
It was a fast start and in one of the last corners I could hear carnage behind as wheels overlapped and people went down.  Hwood was charging hard as the group of Dom, Hall , and Young Jack hit the gas.. It took everything that I had to get back on and at times I left a little room to avoid the yo yo effect.  Eventually Jessie R came around and I missed his wheel and now I was chasing hard and pulling a line of guys that I did not want to pull..
From here it is kind of a blur,, I missed a corner and had the Bavers and Owen pass me,, But are flying fast right now,,, I needed to not completely shut it down but knowing it was going to be a two hour race stick with my plan.. The single track was in prime form and the dirt air pressure and corners all made for some fun riding.
I was able to put in a few attacks towards the middle of lap three and then consolidate during lap four going full gas now.  As far as I know I cross the line in 7th was as far up as fourth and drifted back at times around tenth.
For the first real test of fitness I can smile and say that more better is yet to come.
The rest of the team had a kick ass day and
our hope is that this will be another winning Year!

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