Monday, May 12, 2014

Breaking Two

Last week was my best week on the bike since I have been home from the desert.
With drier trails and longer days I was able to log some miles and climb some hills. 
But I am still down one bike,, with my single speed being broken on the seat tube. 
I have spoke with Spot and as of now they are only offering a crash replacement at a cost that does not make my wallet smile. 
So I took my Cracked bike to a local Fabricator who came highly recommended.
Paul at Blue Steel Fab has a pretty cool shop in his garage and even spent some years in Summit.
So our paths had crossed even though we had never meet.
He took a look at the crack and came up with a plan,, he was going to sleeve it and bring it back to life. 
The seat tube had a cable stop on it for the front derailleur which I told him that he  could 
get ride of it as it would be single from here on out. 
Palms were slapped and thanks given and I was on my way..
Flash forward to this morning and I get a text from him saying we have a problem.
He removed the stop and after filing it down noticed that the metal was soft to the touch. 
What he found above and below the stop holes in the frame. 
The seat tube so fatigued that there were multiple issues.

 The big hole is where the cable stop was and above and below you can see the holes and the crack above them. So what I am wondering is or was it a bad tube is just from something going on with the aluminum seat post and the steel of the frame. Regardless this bike should not have died after only three years of use and last year it did not see that much riding. 
Spot says that since I only paid 900  instead of full price of 1299 that they can't justify replacing it. 
Again I say horse shit,, and since they don't weld anything anymore they can't and wont do anything. 
Bla Bla Bla Bla and Bla... 
Just under 14K of climbing last week and 
I am feeling strong,, now just need to figure where my race pace is..
Sunday is the first Minnesota Series and it will be a real test of where i am and where I need to be. 
The LaMere is riding well and seems to have its own set of wings, so the plan is to 
hold on and go fast.

Now I just need to find a new Single Speed Mountain Bike,,
I feel naked with out one and not the good kind of naked.. 
Now only if the Money tree will start to grow..

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