Monday, July 7, 2014

Turning into Dust

Fuck Yea!!
Hard to believe that the Forth Of July has come and gone. 
Always nice to get some extra time off of work and always awesome to 
hang out with the family ride bikes and drink beer!!
This year was no different. 
I kind of used this weekend as a hard restart of sorts to refocus the 
racing season.
It has been a weird year due to weather and races either getting canceled or just washed out. 
The racing has been good and all things being the same I am happy with where I stand.
But as for now it is time to get ready for a back to back weekends of racing. 
This next one up is by far one of the best of year up in Duluth Mn,, Right on the shores of Lake Superior.
Lots of climbing and flowing single track, and watering hole for cliff jumping when the racing is all done. 
After that it is followed by Afton Alps the ski hill that I grew up skiing at and since I have been back in the Middle West one of my favorites,, again lots of climbing.

So After the Hootenanny that was Friday and the recovery from said booty shaking
it is all about building and getting ready for things to come. 
Before I know it we'll be up at the SSUSA event getting back to basics 
riding one gear and drinking large amounts of Beer.
But for now eye on the prize,, head down and HTFU.

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