Monday, July 21, 2014


I have said it many times before I love racing my bike at
Afton Alps.
Or maybe it is more of a love have but the word love always shows up in 
the sentence. 
Yesterday was no different,, with the boy racing that makes for an early
drive and somewhat of a long day.. But with the right amount of coffee and 
a sweet job of parking in the shade we set up a good base camp.
Got Rocky all kitted up and out to warm up if that is what you want to call it.  When the kids race started he found his normal pace towards the rear,, which today suited him well as the group in front of him roused up some bees and a few kids got stung.. 
He crossed the line with a smile and with that I could not ask for more.. 

From the end of the Boys race to the start of mine is a few hours at best,,
so with that I hunkered down at our camp spot took a few 
chair naps and just chilled,, making sure to drink a lot of water knowing that it was going to be a hot one. 
After a good warm up I made it to the line full knowing that some of the course had been changed for this year..
Most notably the start,, fifty yards to a sweeping right up straight in to single track. 
I had told my self before the race that I did not want to be up front but a start like this demanded it.
We popped out of the single track and onto the service road before the  onslaught of 
  climbing started. 
The first lap hurt I think the most trying to get used to the pace and dealing with the heat,,
photo kmb
Going up Manhandler the first time we were all still somewhat together,, 
that was until Jeff Hall went on a Tear,,,
By Lap three by far my slowest of four laps,, the gaps and places for the most part were decided, and now it was a matter of finishing, having dealt with the worst of the heat I was starting to fell
good again and was head down on every climb..
Now did I mention that I pick the worst day ever to forget gloves,,,
yep,, left my Ergon gloves sitting on the floor of the bedroom and had to spend
the whole race using a kung-fu-death grip on the steep climbs and 
all out descents.   I managed to finish in one piece and crossed the line 
6th,, which the way that this season has been going I'll take,, three races in seven days
I can be happy with that. 
With all that behind me the fun really starts,, the new Single Speed frame should be here today 
and that process will start,, hope to have it all said and done in the next 10 days or so..
Until then back to the ride and grind,, Singletrack and Sk8teboarding that is!!
Party ON to all and to all a Good Day?

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