Monday, November 24, 2014

What about the Childern?

Well there you have it,, my first ride in some three weeks,,
Was it epic,, not so much,, thirty sweaty stinky minutes on the rollers.. This is going to be a long road back to the superhuman that I was just three months ago. I know that I can build more and get use to the hamster wheel. I could be worse I could be stuck on a trainer stuck in one place,, at least on the rollers I feel as if I am really moving. 

So that is that and I'll continue  to do a snow dance so the skis can get waxed and some more
silent time can be spent in the woods. 
Speaking of through the woods the oldest child is going to be home from school for eating day on Thursday and she is hoping to head up for the Cross for Tots event up in the six one two this coming weekend.

We went last year and I had a blast,,, riding in circles doing the twisty bowl decent and jumping the Hollywood Barriers.
The Pip needs all the cross work she can get as her Team is going to Prude in a week for collegiate regionals then  to Austin for the National race in January. Me I am on the fence about going and pretty sure I have no interest in lining up.  I have more of a hankering of going trashing with the boy 
at either the Layer or back down to Familia.
Been lots of indoor sessions happening as of late.. and the boy is starting to push it more and more.
Been good to watch him skate with the local pro guys and get tips and ideas for them.

 We both have a laundry list of tricks that we want to learn and or try.. 
 Again getting to spend time with him and watch the excitement grow has been the best part of coming out of retirement. 
So Back to the Grindstone and back to the #dontcallitacomeback...
Harder work,,stronger,,desire,,PartyOn!

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