Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Flying High

One thing is for sure,, and that is I have let my self go..
A lot of things have changed for this guy but one thing seems to stay 
consistent and that is as I constantly struggle with body pain,, I am 
just letting my self get larger. 
For the most part being almost two months out from my crash the majority of injuries have
healed. I do have this gimpy shoulder that came from a stupid step off my Sk8 toy, and this out of everything hurts the most.  It seems to get in the way of most of what I want to do.
And it has me not only skating and riding somewhat off the back ,, but is getting in the way of off season training.  This off the bike work that I started has been kicking my ass,, parts of my body that have not been used in sometime are not happy that I am trying to make them move,, hold weight,, or do both of those multiple times. 
It's a long road and I know that I have a lot of work to du and just need to remember that all good things in all good time.. 

I have been spending a lot of time with this kid.. 
He has been pushing his limits a good bit,, working on getting ready for our trip to Colorado. 
For me it feels weird that I am going out there and not going to be planing a bike ride but seeing as 
the Doctor still does not want me on the single track i'll have to move in different way.
The Rocket has a new Flip skateboard coming,, and he is pretty stoked to riding 
on the same board as the guys he watches in the videos.  
And then when we take a on line tour of the different parks that we'll get to ride I 
see the smile grow and wheels start to turn. 

So the takeaway from today is as follows..... I am getting larger as I still in more of an stagnant state of prolonged recovery. 
The mini me is having a blast riding and is stoked to go to the land from which he came. 
And trying to hold this guy in one place for long periods of  time, not something easy to du.. 
I need to Move..

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