Sunday, November 16, 2014


The reset button was one of my favorite buttons to push when I was a kid playing video games.
If things were not going your way you could push it and start over. In the early systems that meant that you would have to start over at the beginning of the game, and then as hard drives and memory got built into the game consuls you could just restart the level with out having to 
go all the way back and start from scratch. 
Here in my world I have hit that reset button and I have not quite decided if I am 
back to the beginning,, or I get to start the level over.

Before we left for Colorado I had been riding as much as I could and enjoying the freedom again 
to pedal, but coming home we ran into winter.
Now I have dusted off the rollers and have threatened to start riding them just so I can be riding again. It is not my favorite thing to do but it is pedaling,, and that is what I need to do,, it is time to start rebuilding getting the blocks together so when weather breaks and  the roads clear I can be back out on top of my rig turning circles.

Some of you may say as you head out today to ride your fat bikes,, Why don't join in on this fun?
I would love to join the fat bike revolution but the price tag is what is stopping me.. The most lingering   injury from my wreck is that to my pocket book.
As of now we are looking at 11k in bills that are going to need to be paid. I have thought 
of doing a go fund me campaign, but every time I see them pop up the people starting 
them seem to be much worse off them me and it just does not feel right,, to stick my hand out and ask for help. 

So I hit the reset button,, again..... And again it clears the anger and pain out of my head and I start 
to plan and build and try to get back the super powers that were smeared all over Hwy 77.
One of the things that has been a soul saver and rebirth is the 
midlife Sk8board resurgence. The time that has been 
spent on the back of my seven ply USA maple deck have fueled fires
that I have not felt since the night before my fateful crash.  A lot of time has been spent with my boy
traveling and thrashing. New faces and new places have been giving me reasons to keep pushing it.
But this is not a replacement for my real passion in life..
I am a cyclist,, I am Bike Nerd,, I make pedals go round.
The rest button has been pushed and what needs to happen is this video game super hero needs to 
jump the pitfalls and get to the next level..
#dontcallitacomeback... It is a #restart!!

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