Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LoSt then FoUnD

It is safe to say that i am suffering from cycling withdrawals or PCDS..
Yes that is right Post Cycling Depression Withdrawals..
So much so that while sleeping is happening instead of ribbons of  single track and the feeling of the perfectly drifted turn in my dreams or the perfect route to link up all the hills in a 50 mile radius of the house ,,, I am dreaming about cutting the grass on a hot summer day. 
It has been a while going on something like two and a half weeks since I have smelled the scent of a slightly dirty jersey and some crusty T6 socks and thrown my leg over anyone of the 
whips in the garage. 
I have dusted off the rollers and leaned them up against the wall in the room that use to belong to my now at college daughter.. But have not mounted a bike of any kind on them.. 
I say hey! I am going to go and ride in place while watching old world cup cyclocross races on my phone that I duct tape to my handle bars. 
But that has not happened either.  For a moment today I started to get excited for the weekend as I thought I'll take the Blackbuck out and ride the crushed gravel trails and maybe even dip in to the quarry while my Nine Line tires kick up the 1/4" of snow on the ground. 
But then I looked at the date and remembered that gun deer season starts on saturday and that 
with all the medical expenses that I have at the moment getting shot or shot at while trying to feed my Jones would not be the best thing for me. 
So I teeter back and forth about what to do,, every time I go to the beer fridge and look over at all the shiny King Bling lined up in a row I think damn it I need to ride..  And I know that I will and maybe even soon,, but trying to flip that switch again,, to light that fire,, to rev that engine has been really hard for me. 
The break has been good I know that it has,, even if it was unwanted I will or should be able to come back #dontcallitacomeback with the same eye of the Tiger that once infected all of my vision. 
It has been the bigger picture, the grand landscape that I have had to get into perspective. 
I have never left  I have been here the whole Time!
Some sparks were ignited over the last weekend as we ,, and the we being Team Hollywood Cycles all got together up at QBP for the end of the season awards party. 
Many plaques were handed out to members of the Black and White,, along with 
Multiple awards for all the different categories that were raced.
And once again the award for fastest Pro/Elite team went to the THC* team.
It was great to be surrounded buy the Mountain Bike family again, lots of 
high fives were slapped and multiple hugs were handed out.    
This cycling nerd is not washed up or a has been,, just in search of his 
legs that were attached to the head of the heart.
A wise man once said " Party ON"
And that is what I will DU..

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  1. I've been there. I watched from the sidelines as my teammates raced out the meat of the road season... I was itching to get back into it but conversely struggling just to do 2 hour aerobic road rides. Then when I get the all clear... it quickly becomes evident that it's going to be impossible to recoup any meaningufl amount of form before the season ends.

    It seems like eons since I have been in the thick of it in a race - a player, making the moves, putting down the screws. And at times it seems like a return to that might be even further away, if ever. Patience is indeed a virtue but it's only valuable if you have the foresight and faith that you can and will return.

    Keep at it, bro - pullin' for ya. Fresh pavement and hero dirt are awaiting you and I on the other side.