Wednesday, November 12, 2014

W Cubed

As the dust settles and the fog begins to clear,, I am slowly able to take a step back and start to make scene of the past five daze. 
We blew into Denver last friday morning, and I say it like that due to the strong winds that were blowing down the front range. 
After shaking out the DIA, and car rental, the three of us made it over to see my 
Ninety-Seven yer old grandpa. Blows me away that the man is still not only living at home but still has so much of his wits about him. It was a great visit and a good chance for James to spend with his Great Grandpa.
From here we busted up to "the Peoples Republic of Boulder" for some lunch with an old friend,, but first we found our selves a skatepark and were eager to try out our new gear. 
Unfortunately we never got too deep in to the session.. As we were getting out of the car with the wind gusting up to 40mph the car door caught the kids finger as it slammed shut causing some pain and discomfort and making the idea of skating not top on his list. 
It took a good lunch and some down time until he was ready to Thrash again,, and luckily we found ourselves at the Apex park in Arvada. 
Just a few block down from my Aunt and Uncles is the best park that I have seen and skated,, in the past year of my old man skateboard revival.
It is almost even hard to describe how well the park is put together, and I was blown away by the features and flow.  And the level of riding was spot on,, from young rippers to old dudes skating the clover leaf pool.. 
We would end up back  at this same spot saturday morning before heading up to the high country. 
The sun was shining and the wind was not blowing, for the first time in a long time there were more old geezers at the park riding then kids which was a sight to see.  Had some old friends show with their kids and we threw down and I had one of the best days on a skateboard in years and years. 
Still so much to sift through,, more parks were found and more stories were shared as we 
crammed in as much as we could before have to come home.
Now back to work armed with stories and memories,, and I am ready for more..

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