Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sunday came down to a Sprint to the line. 
I had Rode the whole 4th lap or at least 90% solo with a group chasing,,,
On the last short grunt of a hill I knew they were all there.
I went after it hard when I heard over my right shoulder
one SKJ...
Photo Todd
That is when Scott came around and we lead the group to the pinwheel of Death. 
Flying into a grassy field and through a taped-up-mess of a circle we all charged.
I came out on Scotts wheel and Brendan B was in tow.
The thrust for the line and that is where the photo above comes from. 
When it was time for the Overall payouts, they had me in 8th not 7th and hey we are fighting for series points.. 
It is all about the bike Throw,,,
Now no Series racing till the end of the month when we head up to Maplelag and the Loppet.
Until then it is going to be the SSUSA which I am not sure what it 
is,,, just told to be there with a one speed bike and be ready to ride and drink...
Think that can handle that..

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