Monday, August 26, 2013


We had decided to camp one last time since we wont be taking the camper all the way up to the Laddies Loppet, and chose last weekend.
I had made reservations at the same camp ground that we stayed at for the fourth of July with the thoughts of riding Levis Mounds and hanging out by the lake drinking beer.
All things sounded like it was a go,, when after I placed the reservation I realized that
the WEMS series was holding a race that day out on the trail system. 
A 100 a 50 and a 25,, The fifty sounded good to me and had a good start time of Noon.
We pulled in late afternoon on friday and set up camp,, seeing as we needed and wanted to get out of town fast we skipped supper and busted it over to Hatfield. 
By this time the three of us were hitting rock bottom and in need of food. 
First supper club was full and could not feed us... so down the road to the next whiskey bar, and we walked into this joint and turned right around due to the noise and the sight of people roller skating. 
The owner chased us down and said that they had the best menu in town and roller skating to Boot. 
 We got some beer in food in our bellies and watched the kids limbo and shoot the duck,,, the rocket was intrigued  and itching to roll. 

A sound night of sleep and a solid camping breakfast was the plan and it was accompanied by a nice sunrise over the Lake,
I got things together and got my mind right to ride for 50 miles of single track.. This years race was going to be held on as much of IMBA's Epic single track as possible. 
Rain started to fall as the pre race directions were given,,, and like the start to a Butthole Suffers show in the 90's a shot gun blast or two were fired. 
Small field and I had not expectations other than go and see what happened.  Up the dump single track and over to the Northface Climb,, This put us on top then around the point and down to Snodgrass, and back over to lower switch backs.
From here we rode Cliffhanger to plumbers crack,, and down once again.. 
Early this spring we had rode Wolf Run and I really liked the way the single flowed ,,, well now they had fresh cut 90% of the trail and it kind of sucked.. 
Buck Hill to Yellow Jacket Swamp cut,,,, and lower and Upper glen...,,.,.
This was a lap ,, and the first one I was able to knock out in just a few minutes over an hour. 
In my rear view I could see one that was able to keep close and punched it once again as the lap started.  By the end of lap two I was clear of anyone behind me and throttled it down.. The new cut single and flat out bumpy sections after Buck Hill were starting to beat up my back. 
Lap four was a bit of will as the rain that had fallen was making for some humid conditions in the fresh sections,, but I had gone this far why not finish strong.
Even with soft pedaling the last part of the lap I was able to cross the line.. Outside of the time that I wanted but with the way my back felt I was happy with how it all turned out,..,.
I had gone for a training ride and a race broke out. 
Met up with the family after the race for some dinner and beer drinking and 
watch the boy roller skate.. 

Good times and I would like to think that I am ready for The Loppet coming up this next weekend. 
That will be the third race in as many weeks. 
Now just lots of bike prep and work to do before we drive up some 6hours to the home
of Jay Richards and family...
I can't wait.
Lake Jump.??
We'll have to wait and see!

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