Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final Countdown

The Countdown after tonight's sleep is four days and then the kid is off for School.
Still have not got my brain totally around the whole concept, but I think that we are almost ready to send her off. 
Her BMC had to go into the shop the other day to have the BB30 serviced, not something that I can do in the garage, and I wanted to make sure that her race rig was 100% ready for what is to become. 
We drop her off on friday and the Red Hawks Team lines up at sundays WORS race. 
I think that the Pip is ready and it will be fun to see her race in a age group race. 
In Minnesota she is racing Cat one and goes up against Pro women and other cat one women that can be twice her age.  In the WORS series 18 and younger race in Cat One JR's. 
She is ready and it will be good prep for the first Collegiate race at the end of the month. 
So there is that,,, lots and lots of crap going on. 
I am battling with the State of Wisco over my bike vs. minnvan accident from back in May,, They say it is my fault,,, which is crap so I am out a CX bike and have a urgent care bill. 
I did speak with a Lawer and he think that I should go after the state but not to confident on how it will play out and don't need to have to pay for the damage to the minivan. I just 
want my Cross Bike Back,,, so I can spin into the fall and line up to one or two races. 
Then to top all that off at my 9 to 5 I had two guys quit which for what it is worth leaves just me and a guy who has been training for the past year.. 
So needless to say work sucks and it is driving me crazy.. 
I am Devin's over working brain...
Hard to get my mind on what it is or what it is that needs to be happening. 
At least I have the Single Speed USA to look forward to this weekend.
Sound like a crazy party with people coming from all parts of the USA to ride one speed bikes and test their livers. 
I think that I am ready on both accounts ,, the Spot has been riding nice and while I ride it 
I remember how  much I enjoy riding the 1x1. 
A whirlwind of thought and emotions all locked up in this guys head. 
Lucky for me the spinning of wheels unlocks all.. 

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