Thursday, August 22, 2013

cHeMiCal WiRe

I have 
been raging against the machine more and more over the past few weeks.
After becoming the last of five techs at work, life has been a bit of a shock.. Then the Bob
showed up to tell us of all of our short comings. 
I have broken my back,, shocked my self, cut my self, burnt my self given blood and sweat to this gig and even been bitten by a dog while on the job. 
Shit you can say that i am even pretty good at what I do,, but my world has been rocked, and not the fun kind of rocking. 
I have my moments and need to remind my self until something else comes along
this is what pays the bills and makes it so I can do what really matters,,,,,,, RIDDING BIKES>>>>>

It has taken a few days to shake out the legs from SSUSA, and try to get ready for the fifty miles of LEVIS that I'll be lining up for this saturday. 
I find my self drinking more and more or is it just the status queue..
Today saw rain and yesterday was supposed to see rain,, so  I broke out the old Lemond since it has fenders.
Moist this morning for the ride into the 9-5 and then the skies opened up,
which is great because I missed the pummeling of rain drops, but it may held keep the dust down for the 50 fun miles of sunday. 
Thank Dog for bike racing,,, it teaches me to suffer and to deal with a hard situation, which 
is what I get every day I go and fix broken down appliances. 
The working man goes to the job and makes it happen.
All while being 
demoralized and beaten down.
Cycling bring all things full circle..

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