Monday, August 5, 2013


Yesterday was the last race of the summer that I get to go to with the Pip.
She finished her Minnesota Racing season with a strong performance after crashing three times do to
over zealous Comp racers who have crappy handling skills and are impatient to pass. 
It has been 10+ years of dragging the kid along to races and getting her ready and building her up and at time tearing her down only to build her up again. 
Her next step is a big one and one that we will celebrate, with cheers, tears, and Beers. 
Eleven days until we drop her off at the Halls of Ripon where she will have the chance 
to enrich her mind and find her self while pedaling along. 
Good luck kid we all know that you can do It..
As for the rest of us that is James and my self we both toed the line, 
the Rocket had another fun ride smiling as he crossed the line with not a care in the world of where he was placed. 
Me Great start,, a hard charge and nipped on the line by SKJ. 
A fast race my computer said 14.8 average speed. 
Crazy fast fun. 
Hard to believe it is the last Family One!   

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