Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Puddled

Weather man said rain and just passing showers. 
I have learned that unless you live in Phoenix AZ the weather man  is 
always wrong.. There the person just has to point to 
a picture of sun and say it is going to be warm. 
Here it rains and some times a lot....I have learned to deal with the rain over the 
years. I may at time even seek out a rainy day to ride just to 
get out and play in the puddles. One thing that has helped me when it comes to riding in the rain.....

I am using these and they tend to work,,, They are not full fenders but they work really well and can be switched between bikes fast.
When like today when passing showers turn in to down pours... You just are going to get wet... But they do help keep the frog guts from getting all over your soaking wet kit.......
To day on the path coming home in the rain was like a seen from a  movie.. Frogs of all sizes jumping around the path and along with the leaves on the ground it made for some tricky rolling.
Felt frog bouncing off my shoes and saw a couple end up as spoke food.  As it has been stated many times I would rather be wet and commuting than stuck in my car driving. Two wheels and Puddles...

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