Monday, October 24, 2011

Single Track is more fun than....

I chose to skip the dark night race and hang 
out with my better half . Not racing and drinking beer
and watching football sounded like a better idea. 
I am tired and at times not in to having to go hard this 
time of the year. It was a long season with a ton of travel and
it is now time to chill and ride for the fun of riding. No rules no 
finish lines and no attitudes.
So sunday morning after a stellar breakfast I was back at it again. 
The trails are in the best condition that they have been in a long time. No moon dust 
and the leaves are not scattered as bad as they had been due to the work of the tail crew.
And to avoid the Hamster Wheel feeling I went at the trails from every direction. 
I particularly like the North side of the system with all the small connectors
and going backwards and forwards you can link up some fun stuff. 
It shall come to an end soon,,, but until then I am going to keep on swinging.

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