Sunday, October 9, 2011

HOT Lapping

Don't be afraid of the images on your screen.. 
It is just one of the 
29&Single Guys who slipped in to something more 
comfortable at the 
Holzinger Holeshot in Winona Mn.
Could not have asked for better weather for a day 
of reckless abandon.. 
6 Beers gets you in to a TT style event on some
 of the most ripping terrain in
Last year I had a bit of a Mechanical and I was sworn 
to not have that 
happen again.  Format was different
this year sending us out on the 
single track two at a time. I headed out 
with the 3rd place finisher from last year...
and he having gears I gave him the lead out. 
As we came back through the Start Finish line and started
heading up hill things were shaping 
up to be a good day. I followed through the 
first 4 short and ever harder punchy climbs.
Until I passed in a stand of
golden dogwood trees
 and started pushing it as I came to the big
right hand turn which I bobbled,, and lost ground.
 But now
starts the long climb to the top.. I just put my 
head down and
kept my pace the same.. Through 
the top I caught a glimpse of soon to be
 winner Ian 
Stanford. Moving well I could one again hear my self 
being stalked. Through the Rocky down
hill I just pointed it and was flying.. flying so well that 
I miss a turn and had to bush whack to get 
back on track...
Crossed the line 40:16 faster than last year but not under
40 I was so close,, should have listened to Borgan and gone 
Right Right Right.. 
Fun day good music great people and awesome riding.
2nd behind Ian is a good Spot to be in the 34x18 did not
let me down,, Now time to ride some more
it is Beautiful out..  

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