Friday, October 7, 2011

Up Yours 61

  The past week of
 weather has been 
unreal.. I have been out taking advantage of it as much as 
I can. The 
trails right now are in prime condition. Yes you do need to
 be ready for the many 
leaves that are on the ground but for me with my Magura 
Brakes and Geax tires
keeping the up right and fast are not an issue. 
Tomorrow is an even up in "I know your Winona Rider" 
Minnesota put on by 
these guys....
It was a blast last year with good 
weather and great folks.. And with a 6 pack 
entry how can you go wrong.. Last year I got 
4th with a mechanical on the 
way down,,,,, and I can't remember what gearing 
I ran so just going with what is
on the bike now. If it is too much it will just 
hurt a bit more.. Should be 
a big party with a lot of the freaks and fringe's 
showing up.
For now it is friday and the coffee is good and 
the temps are 
up so time to get ready for another day 
of bikes and broken down home 
appliances.. Ohhh the Good Life....

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