Saturday, October 15, 2011


The winds they be a blowing but in the woods life is good..
Like a wheel in motion it was time to move again. It 
has been a few years since I have been at the world famous Levis Mound.
The very first time I was with the Doctor and it was Nineteen years ago... 
Back then the trail system is not what it is now. We rode in circles and got lost on so 
many different levels. 
This time would be a new story of fun as me and the Kid went on a blustery day to 

go ride the Clark County Goodness,,
One hour from the house is really close to not be riding these trails more often,,,I need to stop being such a car hater and drive from time to time to go and play.. 
With the high winds every leaf that could fall did but
if you looked hard enough you could see the trail.. We looped sixteen miles to the best of my memory of the system. Yellow Jacket and Goat something Sidewinder and a bunch of other trails
danced as we speed the big wheels through and over the trails. 
October is going to be gone before we know it and it is going to be time for the winter
silent sports,, and again Levis will be on the list of places
to go and slide. Need to get the kid more proficient on the slide and glide. 
With the coming winter it is going to be time to polish up the Spot and get it on 
the Market,, So the Form can take shape and make speed blur the lines of my reality.

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