Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paint it Black

The sun was setting as I climbed the 
quarry hill. After two days of grey skys
it made for a beautiful panorama of  color
as the sun dipped behind Minnesota. The first 
section of trail was ripping fast and their
was still enough light to ride with out
a head light. Rounded through French Connection
backassward through Imberm and back to buckthorn
keeping an eye out for others. Bumped in to 
a crew of riders as I slid down Bob and started
to head Frechies to ride that in the wrong direction.
Handed out a Big Air can for a flat and spun my wheels.
Felt great to be out playing after dark.. Not sure I 
need to be racing on saturday,, my legs are not 
to happy,, they can make the bike go but not 
like I want for a race pace. Still have a day or 
so to decide... I wont be crushed I dont make it. 
Saw one deer as I headed down through the quarry on 
my way home singing at the top of my lungs to try to 
scare any other animals from jumping in front of me. 
Big wheel rolling is better than sitting on my Ass... 

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