Friday, August 22, 2014


What a difference a week makes,, summer weather has returned to the 
Driftless region.
We went from unseasonably cool and dry back to what August should be  in the Wisco disco..
Dew points have been in the 70's and the morning fog has been thick at times.
And I am still protesting the polar vortex that made our heat run longer into the spring than anyone would have wanted,,, so that means that the A/C has not been turned on yet.
I did a Blackbuck commute to work the other morning and spun through the 
thick fog until I crested the top of the quarry hill and popped out into the sun.
With out windshield wipers on my glasses I had to take them off 
which made riding single track a chore,, so the ride turned into more of
a nice soft pedal and while I cleared my mind before a long work day. 

Needless to say this week has not seen a whole lot of miles or hard workouts as 
I start to get ready for the Loppet..  On that note my new King/Velocity wheels 
showed up the other afternoon, capping off yet another asskicker of a 
work day. With wheels in hand a different front axle coming from King HQ I will be
able to pull the wheels off the singlespeed and get them back to the LaMere, and start
prepping for the Stage Race up north.
Seems as the events will start coming hard and fast.. Loppet,, Fat Tire 40,, St. Cloud... Holzinger? and then the final Minnesota race in Red Wing. 

This weekend will be a trip,, going to take the family up north to see some Blue Grass music 
as we continue to celebrate Anna's birthday week,, then off to Green Bay to 
watch the Pip race one more WORS race before the official collegiate racing season starts. 
I am going to bring my bike so I can pre ride with the Ripon team on saturday and sunday..
But what I am really excited about is getting to skate some different skateparks.
The one in Point Looks real real good and Green Bay has one that 
my wheels are itching to get after.. 
Now if I can keep my self off the ground and stop making my old man body hurt all the time.

One last shout out to my 
Lovely Wife.. 

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