Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Wow last week spun through like a whirlwind,, blowing my mind and leaving me 
scratching my head asking what happened. 
Coming down from the high that was Single Speed USA,, and finishing off
the week with getting the Pip back off to school, I am amazed that I found time to do anything. 
The Blackbuck was one strong constant in my week riding it to and from work,,
getting 30+ miles of pure single track 1x1 love. 
And it was just what I needed to clear the head of all that was going on. 

The day before I left for the UP Pip had called me mid day crying her eyes out 
after she got jumped by a light pole in a local parking lot,, causing some 
big damage to my shiny Rav4.
This caused nothing but issues taking us down to one car and that car was
supposed to leave with the kid to get her back to school. 
Last minute trips to the store to get that one thing that was going to be needed for dorm
life and trying to get the boy back and forth to Karate made for some 
stressful moments.. 
But as always we prevailed and thanks to being able to ride then ride some more I was able to keep my mind clear. 
Friday came and the kid was all loaded up and off she went. 
James was as bummed out as I have ever seen him watching his sister go.
But once the sorrow cleared from his face he realized that life at home with out the Pip would be ok. 

Again I continued to purge the Darkheart with more miles and even loaded up the car on Saturday 
and the boy and I took a skate park tour that ended at a Target store getting him
a new Lego,, When in doubt get the kid a Lego. 
Topper of the weekend was getting to ride the OnebyOne with Josh B,, riding all over the bluffs,
climbing and then climbing some more.. 
Did I mention that me and the new Buck are getting along really really well. 
I am itching to get back out and ride,,, but I am damn tired from all the goings on at work,,
maybe some dinner and I can rally..
Or maybe it is time to just and rip the skateboard some more with the 
What ever happens it is going to be a blast enjoying the Dog daze of Summer. 
Jay Adams
May the wheels Always Turn..

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