Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Road Ends at Copper Harbor

Feeling born again after getting the new single speed and having not rode one other than the 
All-City cross machine. 

I got home from racing the Border Cross race and spent the rest of the night in the 
garage getting the bike together. 
Got everything in place and fell a sleep only to dream of single track and the fun that I was going to have. 
I raced out the door Monday morning to try out the new Blackbuck,, and the fit felt good, but was only going to get better once the parts from Thomson showed up and the make over was done.

Flash forward to Thursday morning and Josh was here to get me and head north..
I was armed with a mug loaded with three cups of coffee and was ready for what was to come.
Pulling in to Copper Harbor I was giddy and was not sure if it was because I was going to get to ride a new bike on sick single track,, or if was the coffee or both. 
After getting unloaded Josh and Griffin and I headed out to test the trails,,
I wanted to test the bike and see how it felt..
I felt great,,, acceleration were fast and cornering was rock solid and I was in love..
Only thing that was missing was I did not bleed the rear break before leaving my home and 
at times slowing down and stopping was interesting at best. 
Thursday night ended around the camp fire of the 29sngl* crew laughs and beers and fun was had..
Single track took me back to the cabin and even with all the coffee in my system I slept. 

Friday morning came with a great sunrise and a cup of coffee,, 
I flew out the single track to find the boss and the rest of the THC* crew for some trail seeking 
and tomfoolery.
I probably rode more than I should have but when driving seven hours 
to race a non race to miss out on riding to save legs did not make much scene.
Plus I got to ride with Hwood, The Bavers and Kwood,, and Werts,
My Team Hollywood Cycles Team Kicks Asses..

The Shindiggers closed out the evening Punk Rock music from Flagstaff playing songs from Husker Du and filling my ears full of distortion. 
Saturday was going to be a big day.

I found the boss as we got ready for the big race day event non event..
Jay was all deck out in a tiger striped high-vis yellow team kit..
And the rest of us in the standard THC* kits..
Blood was going to be tasted and pain was going to be felt.. it was go time.

The started on a long road climb where the move was made by 
Jesse and then followed by the Baves..
I latched on to the back of the chase group as we hit Pauls Plunge..
Things were still together as the stairway to heaven wooden
plank climb came in to play.
Things were good until the Downtown trail,,, one that I had not checked out before
race stated..
Here is where the wheels came off the bus as I took a wrong turn and had to back track and 
lost a bunch of places..
I had to regroup and put my head down to get back in to the game. 
Enjoying the ride and feeling the Flow I melted into the to trail and enjoyed the ride.
Came across the Baves as he was suffering from flat tires just before the Red Trail,,
and somehow managed to make it through the decent with out eating shit.
By the time I made it to the Edge I knew the end was near and let it go..

Jesse won the Dude race-non-race and Megan did it for the women..
Twin Six killed it..
Rolled in ninth which was not a bad ride only having some 50 miles in on the new bike and a hit and miss rear brake.
As soon as the race was done the real party started with
Derby's and drinking and more Shindiggers.
It was a whirling dervish of a total kick ass time.
More pictures would have been taken if I was not holing onto my handle bars or a beer
the whole weekend.

A lot of thanks go out to the people that got me there... Chris King... Velocity,,, Mark Slate and the Blackbuck... Thomson,, and Look USA..
This was by far the best weekend of the year,, and it is going to be hard to
top,, but plans are in the works for more
Copper Harbor fun..
Party On to all and to all a Good Night..  

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