Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Da Harbor v1.0

I don't know where to start,, so the beginning has got to be the best place.
In 2013 the race known as Single Speed USA was held up the road in
Winona Minnesota. I was not going to race it due to the weekend that
it fell on and did not think that I could make it.
I pulled some dandy boy maneuvers and pulled it off,,, had a blast and it had me wanting more. 
This year the Race was going to be held just a few short hours north and the place where the roads end.

Again like last year I was not going to go and all changed when Josh Blum said hey
going and do you want to come along?
I was in... next was what bike should I ride?
The Spot was dead and not able to be ridden. I could have put the Soulcraft tensioner on the LaMere but really wanted a steel rig to ride.
Some phone calls and emails had been sent to some of the industry types that I knew that dabbled in steel and 1x1's.
It was not until sitting around a camp fire with some THC* teammates that I was given the 
tip of a lifetime.  Morgan and Matt gave the name of the gentlemen that produced the

Mark has been in the industry for a while and knows a thing or two about bikes and bike parts,,
and was one of the driving forces of the twenty-niner wheel development. 
We shared some emails and a few phone calls and before I knew it I had a shiny new 4130 Steel
Rig sitting in my living room.
I contacted some of my other loyal sponsors to help get the bike put together and before I knew it 
the Copper Harbor weekend was coming together.

The Bike was built up with new and used parts of my old one by.. Chris King sent out some new hubs that were hand delivered to my wheel builders at Velocity up in the Harbor,, so the new wheel were not on the bike for the weekend but my wheels off the LaMere came off and worked spot on.
Thomson sent out some new bars and a stem which allowed me to have the cockpit set up just like the carbon race bike.
Magura Marta Sl's were the stoppers and a fresh set of Look S-Track pedals rounded out the set up.

Testing the bike was going to come down to some last minute shredding. 
Everything was together the bike my bags and tools only thing left was to get there and ride some bikes.
Missing two days of work and a clear weekend's worth of weather I was ready for what ever was going to come my way.
More to come!

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