Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Psychic Powerless

The new Bike is in a box and on its way to the Valley Of The Sun.
I finally got it 100% together and even tested it out on some hilly roads and 
some choppy crushed gravel trails around the house.
It rode well and I bounced the crap out of it to try to 
get the chain to jump.. Shifted when I should not and again was spot on. 
I know that the rough terrain in the mountains of Arizona will  be the true test. 
After slamming hard on the half pipe last night I thought that I had sent the bike in vain.
I went down on a run of the mill rock to fakie and as I rolled across the 
flat bottom I went splat. 
Shoulder a little sore and wrist pretty worked but have been hitting the ice and ibuprofen
and it seems to be getting a touch better. 
Was able to ride before and after work today and the 
I could feel the wrist but nothing that would stop me from riding. 
What it means more than anything is I need to take it easy on the Sk8Board
and just enjoy the ride while James gets rad and Gleams the Cube. 
I do need to get my hands on a new set of skating shoes as I have blown out my Vans,,
I hope to grab a new pair before we fly out on Tuesday Morning. 

Vacation and riding bikes is going to do me so 
damn good.
I need more than ever to get away from work. I have been put on training duty of not 
only one of our older guys but the new kid who needs so much help. 
But enough about that I do my best to not talk about work or what I do or why I do it this is all supposed to be about fun stuff...........
 I need to ride and ride some more than do It again.
I feel strong
but I just feel like I am hitting the red zone too quick and not able to recover as fast as I would like. Powerless??
I am thinking that the change in climate and some single track will do
do me well. I know that it is a long season but                                                                                                                
but I want to come out of the
        gate swinging,  After a week in the desert I get home and the first race of the
season,,, and as long as I don't burn my self out I should be ready to go..
Now back to the count down of when I get the Hell Out of Here..

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