Sunday, April 27, 2014

Got Noodles

Vacation started landing in the Valley of the Sun early on a tuesday morning. 
Made for an early wake up call from the 612 but it was worth it to be on the ground and mom and dad's house by 8 and having the whole day in front of us. 
Got some food from Sprouts and picked up my bike. 
With a quick swing of a few tools I got my rig ready to go and was out to the 
This eastern and southern tip of the Mountain's in North Scottsdale used to 
not be open and or establish for riding when I live there in the late 90's.
When we would ride the old jeep roads etc it was bush whacking and getting lost.
Any more they are well built and marked trails and from the Condo
you can climb and climb and get some hard work in.
For me this was great,, going out and testing the new bike and my old fat body.
Up and over the saddle of the sunset trail the views were amazing.
I would come back and ride latter in the week the same trails and with almost a week in my legs I
was flying.. The ride starts with a two mile single track climb up the Quartz wash,
and it felt as if me and the bike were one.. I was moving and dogging all the Easter morning hiking traffic.. This time up the meat of the sunset climb I only dabbed once and not even when I had to wide around a hiker and put my left hand in to a Cactus,, I don't advise this. 
My hope from my week of riding was to continue to build on my form that felt like it was about a month behind.
I got to test out that form yesterday at the first and best race of the season so far.
The 24th running of the Decorah Time Trial down in Iowa,, is one not to miss and this year 
their was a 500$ first place prize so some big hitters had showed to give it a go. 
After taking the Bavers and ET out for a ride around the house friday night was was worried about 
the fact that I just can't make the bike go fast.
The kids raced first and James had a blast racing his new bike,, then finding his new Bff and talking all things MindCraft.

I chose to go number 2 and passed the two in front of me early in the race,, This gave me a clear shot in front with only people chasing. I felt like I was giving it all I could and am not sure where I could have pushed and gone harder. I did drop a chain which blew my mind on one of the downhill sections which took some time out of me. 
And on one of the last steep climbs spun out and had to put a foot down and restart. 
Crossed the line and waited for all to finish. 
Dom finished with a flat tire and he is super strong this spring.. ET blew up his cassette and still had a strong finish.. And Jeff Hall Blew the Race up and took the win.
I clung on to fifth and was faster than last year,, 
I have a ton of work to do,, but now with the trails dry can do it on my mountain Bike..
So here is to happy Pedals.

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