Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Single Track Dreams

I have had some crazy commutes to and from work,, all my different jobs overall the years that I have been not driving to work.
I spent the polar vortex last week and then again yesterday riding the 
All-City Cross bike and loving the dry conditions with little to no ice. 
But this morning I woke up and for once the snow they call for showed.
I am riding a late 70's early 80's touring bike, stripped down to one gear 53x23
some race blade fenders and studded 44mm tires. 
The bike is a beast and as long as it is moving it rolls pretty easy,, but if you fight the bike it normally wins. 
As today wore on it snowed and snowed and the north wind machine kicked up.
I was able to get out of work while the sun was still out 
and started to make the push home.
The plows had not been able to keep up with the 6 plus inches that had fallen since the crack of dawn, and if it had not been for the bits of carbide sticking out of the tires
I am not sure if staying up right would have been an option. 
As for the wind I could not tell which direction was harder to deal with east west or due north. 
Pointing towards Canada  there were only a few miles left.... They were the longest 
miles of the year.. Felt like I was crawling up hill then add the mash potatoes for snow,, and angry commuters in their  steel boxes and things got interesting. 
Up right and up tight,, made it home all right. 
I am ready for some warmer weather.
Sedona is only two months away.
And it can't get here fast enough. I can
only hope that tomorrow's commute is less eventful. 

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