Friday, August 12, 2016

Two Scoops.

Thursdays nave been saved all summer for Buck Hill bike racing fun..
The racing has stopped but the fun has not..
The young one in the house and I got all dressed up in 

our super suits and headed out on our cross bikes for some ice creme.
In doing so we got to pedal some of the best roads that 
the Eastern Metro has to offer. 

His only complaint was that his back hurt towards the end..
I explained that he needs to stop growing and I would 
then make sure that the bike he has fits better..
Also told him that it is a right of passage to ride a bike that is just a 
titch too big.

Next up will be mtb racing up in Duluth.. 
Going to be a masochist  and race it like a man.. On the one by fun.
Fingers crossed their have been some epic days on Spirit Mt..
I ask is that you damn kids stay off my Lawn..

Oh one for Mom..

Monday, August 8, 2016

Stained and Confused

For years I would ride my bike to work everyday,, 
Like the mail man rain,, hail,, Sleet,, sUn and snow I would be out there getting to 
and from work..
Then I cracked my skull.
Today I rode to work
and it was cool.
Used ta could a would a ..
Not Back on shit ,, never left.. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lines in the Sand

 Oh so many years ago,,
Shortly after mister Brendan Grover Curran graduated from 
UWL my lovely wife .... Not Pictured jumped into our ratty car and headed out west. 

We found our selves in what for what it is worth never,,, never land.
Life was simple Ski,, work.. repeat.. 

 Then before we knew it we were blessed with a peanut of a Pip that changed my world..
Up until the point that Sophia came in to my world my silly 
young brain was stuck on live fast die young.. 
But that was short lived.
She was a reset button that made me realize that their was more than just me. 

I stopped being totally reckless and focused on what was important. 
Not saying that I have not been 
messed up multiple times.. I have hit the ground and even taken a helicopter flight...
Gravity is a mean mistress.
To this day I still live the life of get rad and have fun,,
Tuck and roll.

I have lost a lot of friends over the years and have felt a lot of loss. 
The Loss that I fell now 
is so much more than all the ones that I have said good bye to,, 

Life moves pretty fast..
Make sure that you love the ones your are with and Remember the ones you have lost..


Monday, August 1, 2016

Rise from the Ashes..

There are events in life that make you have to grab the handrail and hold on. 
That feeling of being weak in the knees and the world around you spinning. 
The kind of life alternating moment that you search and search for answers. 

Loss can bring on this feeling,, loss of a pet, loss of a home or car,, the loss of a loved one,,,, expected or unexpected.  

Unexpected is by far the worst kind of loss,, Your dog getting hit by a car,, a tornado or forest fire destroying your home... 
Or a loved one suddenly  leave the physical world. 

A week ago Friday Morning I was into the office at work getting ready for a short day of calls..
It being Friday it was moms day for a Chemo treatment and 
at 730 my phone rings with my moms photo.. 
Scared that she is not feeling well I answer before the first rang stopped..

Mom comes through the speaker and All I hear her say is
" Trempealeau is Dead.."
He is gone he is dead,

I am still to this moment in shock.
The Family is in Shock.
Too young..
He was a Shining star..
Named after a Beautiful spot along the Mississippi deep in the
Driftless of Wisconsin..

I hope that in the daze and years to come my Brother and the rest of my family can find some 

I am trying to put together some of the bike Industry for a memorial scholarship fund 
so young kids can learn to fly like he did.
The talent was unreal and 
he will 
never ever
be forgotten.

Love You Kid.


Never Forget,,, Trempealeau..

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fallout Shelter

Life in a vacuum is void of sound and light.. External forces tend not to apply.. The landscape does not change and yes it is the same everyday.
This platform has been going on now for eleven years.. Sometimes with great consistency and other times lacking any voice or substance. It is time for a change...
It is time to blow things up... Content has grown stale.. Time to go off to the desert with Hunter S and find my words and my way.
The daze of chaseing the professional cyclist life has come and gone.. The lust and passion for movement stays the same but as the names to the right and left come and go the redefinition of a DMC will come with ebb and flow.
So as we grow closer to the bringer of the light and the fire and daze begin to grow bright a new address maybe a new sight will rise as I burn thus sucker down and rise from its ashes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Still not winter here yet in the Great White North,, just wet.. It has been raining and raining making it hard to go outside and play.. So it was super great to hear the boy say today when he got home from school that he wanted to go and Sk8 at Familia.. Only issue in doing so is that the trip home would be in the throat of rush hour traffic in the rain. But the boy said sk8 so I was in.  Jumping on the Interstate from hell I was treated to some fresh rubber that the little buggy got installed.. Love new tires,,, just hate paying for them. We got our selves to the

 HQ and started banging out the tricks,, the boy was even going after some moves I have never seen him  try before.. I dig it when I see him think outside the box and see him progress,,, He just doesn't let me give him advise. Which drives me nutz.. So much so that tonight as he went into Karate Class,,
    I was finishing up listing to the Tony Hawk Radio show,, so I call in and asked him for advice.. Funny as an old man talking to the guy that you grew up watching and idolizing getting advise about bring up a young skater. It was some good back and forth until my phone dropped the call,, but the guys continued to talk about the subject of kids,, learning and trying not to do too much as a skater parent.  Told the boy about the phone call as we walked out of Karate class and needless to say he was pissed that I spoke to Tony and he did not..

I seem to be wearing holes in my shoes and the ones on the bottom of the shoe are getting worse every session,, The only place that has the best selection of Vans is in the MOA and being so damn close to the holidays not sure that I want to go in to that place regardless of  what they have on the shelves.

This kid has been getting a lot of views lately.. He is kind of nut and I would to spend a day following him around the Valley Of The Sun..

I am not the only one Here in the 612 with Grey in his hair that have fresh wood.. 
Here is the Godfather of Minnesota cycling Geno with a 
fresh box of goodies from the Master Of Disaster 

Get out and hump the crap out of this hump day..
Keep the Wheels Moving..