Friday, October 30, 2015

Duddy of Fuddy

It has been said by me over and over again... And I will stand by my words I do not like Holoween.. I can't really put my fingers on why but their is something about kids begging at my door for free candy... And as an adult the over the top dress up costumes that big people get into...... I know that makes me a fuddyduddy but I can live with that..

That being said the weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to not doing anything..  Their is a ton of stuff going on with two cross races and the legendary Homie Fall Fest..But Until all my house projects are done it is hard to get my brain around training and racing...  I need to evaluate the next two months and start the come back...
And this time it will be called a come back..

The big hope for the weekend is that wheels will move and that my town house does not get egged... Be safe be nice and don't get tricked..

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I have spent some thirty plus years coming up with different ways to bend ..break...and destroy my body... From my first sk8 toy in eighty four,,,through my ski bumb daze and all the up to the present not forgetting my years chaseing my cycling dream.
At times at the ripe age of 42 I feel hobbled.

It has been mentioned to me a number of times by my better half to maybe just give my body a rest.. But I have an issue with sitting still. I don't wear it well.
My biggest issue as of late is a lower back issue that has caused many a slow morning of just trying to get loose... Over the past few years I have blown it out to the point where I was laid up for a day or two...... Latley it has become a chronic daily pain... And still to my colors I don't stop moving and playing..

And the best part is I am passing it down to my youngest.

What I need to do is start stretching and or find a bone bender to get my back straight.
Age is a mind set and pain is just weekness leaving your body..
I can't stop
And as they say
Get it straight ride Krooked. 

Monday, October 26, 2015


Time comes and goes.. It is trying to find out how to spend this time with out wasting it.
Occupying space in time and doing the things that you want to do is key..
I had a new partner for a single track session.. The boy has slowly grown in to his Karate Monkey... And yesterday he was letting it fly through the woods.. Think that he likes the lack of hills here in the 612..

Watching the boy control is time in space is enough to make a Old Blackhearted Man smile.. He left the sk8park all smiles and excited about some new tricks that he learned..

Making Time while the sunshines Key.. 

Friday, October 23, 2015


Inspiration can be found in the strangest of places if you look at it right..

Time spent with the boy in the trenches is enough to put a smile on an old man's face..
Trying new things even better..

The weather has been unreal and bikes have been ridden.. This is where the rubber meets the trail..

The oldest is in West Virginia for College nationals.
Hoping that she can have a good ride.

Meanwhile her old man will be sipping beer and waiting for his pizza to be done.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Alive and Kicking

So I have been off the radar for awhile.. But everyone's favorite Dark Harted Rebel is still a live and we'll..

It is safe to say that it has been crazy in our world.. But I am still standing .. The family is still in tact and we are constantly moving forward..

The townhome we bought is a bit of a bust.. But we have a good aittude anda lot of projects to bust out ... Things are coming together..

My boy and I have been thrashing as much as we can and my whole quiver of bikes are back together and living in the garage. From the door to the trailhead its only four miles and I can rip some nice single track.

Shit I even lined up this weekend and didba cross race... Or at least started one.. Flatted on lap three and did not have a pit wheel.. That is what you get for riding with tubes in your tires..

Life moves pretty fast...and unless you slow down once in a while you may miss out..

Not that anyone has been missing my ranting and raving.. But I will try as life gets back to a normal pace to blurt more and more..